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Since its founding in 1979, SC Kingflex hasbeen producing high-quality rubber hose& other related procducts. This companywas built upon on import/export companyfounded in 1957. Its has been the funder's
Mr. Hsu-Chin Lin fervent desire to provideits customers with a complete and comprehensive series of products as the company moves progressively ahead toward the challenges of the future. With its independent development of a high-pressure LPG hose, which meets the strict standards of the UL ( USA ), AGA (Canada ), and AGA( Australia ),CNS(ROC).


SC Kingflex has become the only fully qualified factory of its kind in Asia. In 1991 SC Kingflex started production of high-tech
wire braided hydraulic hoses at the Miaoli factory, making SC Kingflex's production plant the largest and most diverse in the line of the size, it still pays tireless attention toward prividing complete satisfaction while meeting the demends of an ever changing market to remain highly competitive.
We deeply value the fine reputation that our products have earned both locally and abroad and look forward to strengthening the solid relationship that we now going with our customers.
Heart & Mind Management